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Okinawa international bridal service

We maximize the potential charm of Okinawa,

We provide people all over the world with the best day of their lives with sincere and wise suggestions.

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Our goal is to make everyone happy through the ceremony

of marriage, regardless of race, religion, age, or gender.


WISE BRIDGE Business content of

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・Wedding Planning

・Photo Shoot Plans,Operation and Sales

・Subcontracting for Wedding Service  Providers 

Wedding Services Business

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Arrangement of Photographers, Hair

and Makeup Artists, Interpreters,

Setup Staff, etc.

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Travel-Related Business

・Accommodation Services for  Inbound Customers

・Local Tours

・Transportation Services

・Party Packages Sales

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Consulting Business

・Okinawa Market Entry Consulting

・Development Project Consulting

 (Chapels, Accommodations and  others)

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